Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Basic Japanese Lesson #2  

Hello everyone!
So last week lesson is about introduction,
where you learn how to introduce yourself to others.
Today, you will learn some basic and useful sentences.
There are also few practice questions for you to do.

So, let's get started!
Soredewa, hajimemashou! | それでは、始めましょう!

れいぶん [例文]| Example of Sentences

S1 - Japanese | Furigana
あなたは ねこさんですか。
いいえ、[わたしは]ねこでは ありません。

Anata wa Neko san desuka?
Hai, [watashi wa] Neko desu.
Iie, [watashi wa] Neko dewa arimasen.

Are you Ms./Mr. Neko?
Yes, I am Neko.
No, I am not Neko.

*Anata: You | Desu: am | Dewa arimasen: am not
**Notice there are brackets around "watashi wa", this means that
you can either say or not say "watashi wa" when answering.

S2 -
うさぎさんは フランスじんですか。
いいえ、 フランスじんでは ありません。イタリアじんです。

Usagi san wa Furansujin desuka?
Iie, Furansujin dewa arimasen. Itariajin desu.

Is Usagi a French?
No, not French. Italian.

*Jin: people | Furansu: French | Itaria: Italian

S3 -
マルさんも タイじんですか。
いいえ、マルさんは マレーシアじんです。

Maru san mo Taijin desuka?
Iie, Maru san wa Mareshiajin desu.

Is Maru also a Thai people?
No, Maru is a Malaysian.

*Mo: also | Tai: Thai | Mareshia: Malaysia

S4 -
あの ひとは だれですか。

Ano hito wa dare desuka?
Neko san desu.

Who is that person?
Ms./Mr. Neko.

*Ano: That [Over there] | Hito: Person | Dare: who

S5 -
うさぎさんは がくせいですか。
はい、とよだいがくの がくせいです。

Usagi san wa gakusei desuka?
Hai, Toyo daigaku no gakusei desu.

Is Usagi a student?
Yes, student of Toyo University.

*Gakusei: Student | Daigaku: College/University

S6 -
すずきさんは なんさいですか。

Suzuki san wa nansai desuka?
Hatachi desu.

How old is Ms./Mr. Suzuki?
20 years old.

*Nansai: How old | Hatachi: 20 years old
**Check how to say your age in Japanese

In Japanese, there are no specific title for Mr. Ms. Mrs etc.
All use "San" at the end of one's name. For example,
Mr. Kevin - Kevin san | Ms. Laura - Rora san

Also note that, we don't use "san" for our own name. But for addressing people, yes we use san at the end of their name. For example,
That person is Laura - Ano hito wa Rora san desu. ✔
I am Neko - Watashi wa Neko desu. ✔
I am Neko - Watashi wa Neso san desu. ✘

*Asking about "AGE" in Japanese can be a sensitive subject/
considered rude.

れんしゅう | Practice

1. Change into negative sentence

Watashi wa Nihonjin desu. __________________
Tanaka san wa gakusei desu. __________________
Ano hito wa Neko san desu. __________________

2. Answer in Yes and No

Suzuki san wa gakusei desuka. Yes - __________ | No - __________
Ri san wa Indoneshiajin desuka. Yes - __________ | No - __________
Anata mo gakusei desuka. Yes - __________ | No - __________

3. Arrange words to form correct sentence.

Dewa arimasen | ano hito | gakusei | wa
No | desu | Rora | Amerika | wa | watashi
Nansai | ka | wa | desu | anata

So that's all for today, and please *NOTE that since this is just BASIC,
there will be no further or deep explanation made here,
but you can always ask me question. Thank you!


Click here on how/where to learn read Hiragana & Katakana.
Stay tuned every Tuesday for the next Basic Japanese Lesson.


  1. Thank you for this new lesson! I think I will start a notebook to write your lesson and learn héhé

    1. No problems. Sure, you can do it! Ganbatte ne! (^ω^) ♡

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    1. Hello, thank you for your interest. (^ᆺ^) And sure. You can find my GFC & bloglovin in this blog's sidebar.
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    1. Thank you! You have a nice day too! ♡

  5. I did exercices 1 and 2:

    1)Watashi Wa Nihonji dewa arimasen
    Tanaka san gakusei dewa arimasen
    Ano hito Neko dewa arimasen

    2) yes: Hai, Suzuki san wa gakusei desu.
    no: Lie, Suzuki san gakusei dewa arimasen

    Yes: Hai, Ri san wa Indoneshian desu.
    Lie, Ri san Indeneshion dewa arimasen.

    Yes: Hai, Anata mo gakusei desu.
    Lie, Anata gakusai dewa arimasen.

    Is it correct? I have more difficulties for the exercice 3 >o<
    I really love your japanese lesson :3 Thank you so much for this <3

    1. Wah, Mimie so hardworking! ganbatte ne! ^^
      Okay, here are all the correct answers ...
      before that, the "no" is actually iie not Lie ^^

      1. Change into negative sentence

      Watashi wa Nihonjin dewa arimasen.
      Tanaka san wa gakusei dewa arimasen.
      Ano hito wa Neko san dewa arimasen.

      2. Answer in Yes and No

      Yes - Hai, [Suzuki San wa] gakusei desu. | No - Iie, [Suzuki san wa] gakusei dewa arimasen.
      Yes - Hai, Indoneshiajin desu. | No - Iie, Indoneshianjin dewa arimasen.
      Yes - Hai, gakusei desu. | No - Iie, watashi wa gakusei dewa arimasen. OR, Iie, watashi wa sensei desu.

      3. Arrange words to form correct sentence.

      Ano hito wa gakusei dewa arimasen.
      Watashi wa Amerika no Rora desu.
      Anata wa nansai desuka.

    2. Oh I see! I read the I like a L I don't know why haha
      Thank you >w< I do my best!
      And thank for the correction!
      I made mistakes haha But no, I understand :3
      Can't wait for the next lesson and exercices :D