Saturday, 25 July 2015

Nerdy But Still Girly
Handmade Goodies

Previous Sharing Saturday, I have posted about kawaii Character from Tokidoki and Sugarhai. Today will be different, but still cute.
And this is especially for nerdy and otaku out there.

Nerdy But Still Girly. Selling collection of handmade fandom goodies; Bows, Bracelets, Necklaces, Earrings and more. You can find series, or character inspired collection such as Pokemon, Dragon Ball, Sailormoon, Superman, Batman and all that.

Let's check them out:

*Click on the picture if you wish to buy.
*You will be directed to a Nerdy But Still Girly site.

Bows: Each cost $5.99

Death Note Inspired Bow

Pink Group [Sailor Moon Inspired] Bow

Grump Cat Inspired Bow

Resident Evil Inspired Bow

*The size available are 3.5 Inches and 5 Inches; w or w/o charm
You can also choose if you want alligator clip or hair stick, etc.

Aren't they cute and cool? I like the Death Note and Resident Evil, and it would be great if the Resident Evil has charm on it, "Umbrella" maybe?

Bracelets: Each cost $14.99 and up

Susuwatari [Spirited Away Inspired] Bracelet

Dragon Balls Inspired Bracelet

*These bracelets are around 7 1/2 inches but
you can request to change to any other size.

Cute and beautiful bracelets for sure. Wish I can have one.

Earrings: Cost from $3.99 - $15.00

The Water Turtle Cling Earrings

Fairy Tail Inspired Cling Earring

A Feudal Fairy Tale Cling Earring

Cute Titans Cling Earring

*Two piece earring - Charms made out of plastic.

Just kawaii! My favorite so far, Feudal Fairy Tale. [Inuyasha]

Check out more cute collection at Nerdy But Still Girly website.

All images/pictures ©Nerdy But Still Girly
Image in the title from glitter-graphics

I hope you enjoy reading and seeing all
these cute handmade collections.
You can visit their website here:

Thank you for reading and
have a wonderful weekend!

kawaii pixel photo:  tumblr_lx1fgzOrwK1r81pw5o1_250.gif


  1. These things are soo pretty! I like the bows so much and the bracelets are so cute too *-* I think they're a little pricey though ㅠㅡㅜ But thanks for introducing this shop

    Mindy ♡

    1. Yes, they are a bit pricey but I think it is reasonable considering it is handmade and they invest their time to make it beautifully .. ♡

  2. OMG I want Inuyasha earing *^*

    1. Oh, you like Inuyasha too? same here...
      Just so cute. (>ᆺ<) ♡

  3. the bows and earings are so cute XD

    1. Indeed. Would be cool to have one of them. (˃ω˂)

  4. Wow! Those Sailor moon bows is so pretty ^^ I love it! Btw, Thank you for following me, follow you back on GFC ^^

    Let's keep in touch~ and have a nice day! :D
    Official Seol ♥

    1. Yes. There are others you can check on their website.
      And sure, no problem. (^ᆺ^) Have a nice weekend! ♡