Sunday, 25 March 2018


Hello Everyone!! How you all doing?

Well, I have been MIA since _ I think more than a year? That's quite long! I feel guilty!
SO, where I've been was _ nowhere .. just college madness.

So during that time ....
I barely sleep, and mostly only eat fast food, or instant noodle .. hahaha...

*What my coursework was about?
1st, the Database project, where I need to do a Booking System.
2nd, is to develop a Warehouse Management System Application using Java.
I'm glad I'm able to do the program.

I have some free time but I still 
have to go through Exam
So, I study and do revision...

During my final year, the unexpected things happened - my laptop is broken! 

But long story short, I managed to solve all problems. I have graduated (Nov 2017).

Right now I still don't have my laptop and I am using mobile and mobile data. I hope there will be good time to blog once I move to a new place to settle in.

 I miss my blog_ I kinda feel like there are fungi growing everywhere here... lol 
 I miss you all my blogger friends... 
I hope we all stay in touch ... 
I don't want to make you bored by long post, so I am going to end here.

Have a wonderful Sunday! And oh, 
Happy late New Year 2018!

Until then .. see you ~ mata ne ~

Saturday, 3 September 2016