Thursday, 30 July 2015

Big Foot Dip Pop


Hello everyone, how are you?
Last week I posted Twiggies _ snacks that similar to Twinkies.
Today, I will show you some cute colorful candies & gummies.

So, if you are interested to know, just stay till the end.

On with the post ~

Today's candies are _ Big Foot Dip Pop,
Rainbow Jellies, and Yupi Gummies.

Yupi Gummies - Aquarium theme.
This gummy candy come with other theme,
I will show it on the next Thursday entry.

Here's how they look. Have 8 pieces of gummies.
And various shape there, turtle, starfish, squid, shell and dolphin.

*Yeah, I already ate 2 of them ~
They are so chewy, and have a nice smell too.

Next is this Osaki Delight - Rainbow Jelly.

Colors in red, orange, green, yellow and mix.
Layered gummies with white color in the center.

*They are softer than the Yupi gummies, like a marshmallow.

And the last one is Big Foot Dip Pop.
This is my favorite type of lollipop when
I was a kid, well until now too.

*Why my favorite? Because, I get to dip the lollipop with it's delicious sherbet powder or Choco powder. So the name is Dip Pop because you "Dip" in the "Lollipop" with powder. The powder is packed inside together with the lollipop. My favorite powder is Choco.

Inside have 6 packets, and come with 3 flavors.
Orange, Strawberry and Blackcurrant.

*The packaging is really nice and cute.
Moreover, it is Doraemon theme _ kawaii!

Let's have a look at the lollipop. Little bit disappointed,
because the lollipop doesn't looks like FOOT!
Normally the lollipop shape like foot.
I don't know if that one still have in the market anymore.
I think maybe still have _ so I will try to look for that.
*The sherbet powder is like icing sugar.
One thing that I like about this is that
the lollipop doesn't taste too sweet.

So that's all from me today. I really hope you enjoy reading this.

I will end this post here, thank you for reading!

Would you like to try these snacks/candies?
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  1. Osaki delight and dip dop look so delicious!! *ç*
    And Doraemon package it's soooooooo kawaii <3

    1. Yes, so yummy! ^ω^
      I ate Rainbow Jelly in just a day. Haha