Thursday, 23 July 2015



Hello everyone, I will be showing you
varieties of Malaysian snacks and candies.
I will post every Thursday, and probably
3 to 5 items of a brand or two.

So, if you are interested to know, just stay till the end.

On with the post ~

Today snacks will be Twiggies - Gardenia brand.

You can say, this is a Malaysian version of the American Twinkies.

This snacks come with, Vanilla and Chocolate flavors.

The new flavors are Raspberry and Tiramisu.

Inside have 2 "twiggy", that's why they called it Twiggies.
Maybe, I was just guessing.
So they are individually wrapped with transparent plastic.




They are all yummy to eat, but my favorite is the Vanilla flavor.

If you happen to visit Malaysia, and looking for a snacks to eat,
then you should try Twiggies. You can buy them at 7-Eleven
and almost in every grocery store, mini/supermarket.

I will end this post here, thank you for reading!

Would you like to try these snacks/candies?
Do you love these snacks? Say your greeting! ♡ (˃ᆺ˂)
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  1. Oh so you're Malaysian? :)
    All look so cute >w< I really wanna try Malaysian candies and snacks like this *^*
    I'm from France, maybe we can do a mini food swap someday? :33

    1. Hey Mimie, you and I have the same thought! ^o^
      I also want to do a foodie swap, seriously excited, I even already make page about it, but have not release it yet. Since, for now I'm still looking for a lower cost service to send food to other countries. The rate I mostly found for this service nowadays is like 100RM, it is about USD $26. Way too expensive. (´•́ω•̀`) *but worry not, soon as I'm able to do swap _ I will notify you. ♡

  2. Yes, that's why I love reading your blog >w<
    Okay I will wait :D I understand! Here, sending package is expensive too... That's why I save money before to do swap haha But I can' do to much too (my last one was in april).
    Swap are always so fun ;33

    1. I once sent package to my god-brother in Douai France, and my friend in Morocco but it was few years back _ at that time the shipment cost you can say low cost but not cheap, but also not too expensive _ it is considerable. (^ω^) _ *I can't wait to do swap, it will be so much fun! ♡