Monday, 11 May 2015

McDonald's Gift Collection: Coca Cola Glass

It's Monday again!
But I'm finally free from college (for now),
and my next semester is gonna be on September.
I still have short semester though, for one module on June,
but the class is only once a week, so not bad at all.

Anyway, I wanna share a collection of Coca Cola glasses
which I got FREE from ordering McDonald's via online.

I couldn't remember when/ what year I got them.
And if I'm not mistaken there are 6 colors variation,
but I only have 4 colors; Pink, Blue, Green and Aqua.
I have total 8 of them, but two were already broken.

So Here it goes ~





So yeah, that't about it. FREE when order is above 40$.
Aren't they pretty? I loves the blue color one.

I have more Mcd's gift collection; glasses, plushies
but that I will share some other time.


  1. Are you selling these. if so how much.