Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Origami: Kimono  

。。。 Hello everyone! Today I wanna show you
how to make a paper Kimono/ Origami Kimono.
This idea is from Origami Maniacs (YouTube), and it is actually a
Japanese Dolls Tutorial wearing kimono.
But here instead of doll, I want to make it a place to put a letter for a special day coming - Mother's Day. I just show you pictures - step by step of making, and I hope you will be able to follow and make one. ^_^

So you gonna need 3 pieces of Origami paper, or
any paper that easy to fold; 10cm x 10cm, Scissor, and glue.
Click image for a larger view

As you can see, the blue dot is for collar or necklace part
and the black dot is for Obi/ Japanese Belt.
Cut out about 2cm for collar part.

Kimono part: Fold about 1 cm, and then flip over
and fold again the same measurement (zig zag).
Then flip paper to the other side, fold to 3 parts equally.
Place the collar on top and glue, fold left and right part and glue again. (Follow the collar shape when folding the top part)

Wrap around the obi start from front view.

Sleeves part: Using the last piece of material, fold in half and cut
around the bottom, put at the back of kimono, fold and glue.

And there you have it! :D
Insert your letter through the collar.

Check out this Japanese Dolls origami tutorial (Video):


Thank you for reading ~ I hope you find this helpful

Your comments are much appreciated
Ryu no Sekai


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