Friday, 15 May 2015

The usual Ryu  

It's 15th May! Time flies so fast!
I can't wait for my birthday
(the end of this May) - so excited!
Anyway, I had class again today and
I was wearing a kinda-sort of Seifuku style.
Huh, I'm so tired, after class I took a nap
from 3 to 6 pm. What a looooong nap!
I felt into a deeeeep sleep!

Jaaa ~
Sorry for bad quality picture ~

*Vest: i-Socks

So I think that's all for my Fashion Friday today.
Thank you for stopping by and reading ~
Your comments are much appreciated.


  1. Nice clothes! You're pretty <3
    I follow you now :D Hope you will follow me back ;)

    1. Thank You for your nice comment! I call you Mimie? ^3^
      I already followed you the day yesterday (the name is Ryu Airin).
      And thank you for following me. :* <3 ^o^