Sunday, 19 July 2015

Banana Pie ~
Sunday Breakfast

~ Another Sunday!
I Woke up a bit late today.
I am so hungry, it's not lunch time yet,
so I make a super duper delicious &
easy to prepare Banana Pie for breakfast.
You know the phrase "As easy as Pie". . .

Why easy? Because no complex preparation,
cooking method and all that, & you just need 3 ingredient:

Few slice of Bread
Banana (Cut into slices)
Butter (For greasing)
Chocolate Syrup (Optional)

Bread?? "Are you kidding me?"
Yes, bread, just stay with me till the end,
I promise this will be a yummy banana pie
you would be craving at & fun to make too.

At this time, you can pre-heat your frying pan
over medium, and brush or grease with butter.
**If you prefer to bake the pie, then prepare your oven.

Place just enough banana slices on top of bread,
and cover with another bread.

*Now you can just secure/ close by pressing down the edge of bread. **You can remove the brown part of the bread, or just leave it.

For a circular shape, use a glass to shape it.

Place pie on a pre-heat pan for few minutes until golden brown.
Flip, and wait till golden brown.

Repeat process if you want more.

And finally, as mentioned before this is totally optional,
serve with chocolate syrup on top. You can also use any syrup/
jam of your choice, but Chocolate syrup is highly recommended.

Eat the pie while it's still hot. Because you can feel the crispiness
of the bread, and melting sweet banana on your mouth.

Om nom nom ~ Oishi!

So I hope you give this a try,
if you do_ please let me know in the comment.
And thank you for stopping by, have a lovely weekend!


  1. I LOVE banana x3
    It look delicious <3

    1. Its so so yummy! You should try to make once. ♡(^ ω ^)