Saturday, 13 June 2015

Kawaii Character

I have stumbled upon another cute kawaii character design by Sugarhai. Sugarhai creates variety of kawaii characters such as Monsters, cupcakes & Sweets, Unicorns and many more. Sugarhai also selling products such as apparel, accessories, stickers, throw pillows, and more.

Let's check them out:

Unicorn: Everyone loves Unicorn!

Licorice               Balloonicorn

Cupcakes: Oishi + Kawaii!

Hugs & Kisses               Happy Blueberry


Rawr Monster               Rainbow Monster


Banana Cat               Mr. Kiti

Special _ Sugarhai Dark:

Popsiskull               Bone Cone

Check out more kawaii characters by clicking the
character's set name or just visit Sugarhai website.

On to the next exciting part _ kawaii product by Sugarhai.

*Click on the image if you wish to buy.
*You will be directed to a site.
*You can customize the product's color & style at
Zazzle and the cost is depend on your customization.

T-shirt: Each cost from $27.00 and up.

Keychains: Each cost $3.65

Pillows: $31.95

All the Sugarhai images/pictures ©Sugarhai
Image in the title from glitter-graphics

I hope you enjoy reading and seeing all
these Sugarhai kawaii chara & items.
You can visit their website here: SUGARHAI

Thank you and have a wonderful weekend!


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