Sunday, 14 June 2015

Smoothies Sunday

Hello everyone ~ How's your weekend?

Today I just want to share my very own Smoothie Recipe.
I don't have the cool name for this smoothie yet,
but I'm just going to name it
"Banana Apple with Oreo Cookies and Yam Ice Cream Smoothie"!
Such a long name, need to find a name _ any suggestion?
Or I should just name it "Purpapplicious Oreo Smoothie",
well purp is purple for yam color, and apple and delicious...

Okay, focus with the recipe _
this recipe is for 2 and only required 5 ingredients:

3 Bananas
1 Apple
Yam Ice Cream
Oreo Cookies
Water [Cold] / Ice cubes

*And you gonna need a blender of course.
*Use Water if your fruits are frozen otherwise go with Ice cubes.

Slice the bananas and apple, so that they are easy to blend. Also, leave some banana slices to be use for topping. And crush some Oreo cookies,
I use 3 cookies where 1 is for topping purpose.

In a blender, add the fruits, put 4 to 6 table spoon of Yam ice cream, but you can put into how many you like, and add the Oreo crushes. If you want you can add some sugar or sweetener, but for me the bananas are sweet enough for the smoothie. Lastly, don't forget to put some water.
*If you are using Ice, then put the Ice before all the ingredients.


*Pour smoothie into your favorite glass, mine is CocaCola glass.

Topping _ 2 scoops Yam Ice cream,
5/ 6 Banana slices, spread Oreo cookies crush!

And it's DONE!

Purpapplicious Oreo Smoothie!
*I think this will be the official name for this smoothie*

Oishi ~ I hope you give it a try!
Sorry for bad quality picture.

Thank you for reading,
your comment is much appreciated.
Have a smooth weekend!


  1. Thank you for your nice comment on my blog (^∇^ )
    Your blog is super cute, so let's keep in touch! (*´꒳`*)

    1. Thank you for getting back at me! > ω < So nice!
      And thank you for your comment. Yes let's keep in touch! ^ ω ^

  2. Smoothie with oreo? Wow great idea! It look delicious! I have to try this >w<

    1. yummy! yes, you should try it ^ ω ^