Saturday, 30 May 2015

Kawaii Characters

So I stumbled upon Tokidoki few months ago via google.
I was looking for a kawaii art design, as part of my inspiration.
I visit tokidoki website and turned out tokidoki is a brand that sells clothes, toys, accessories and more. It's even more better, and also tokidoki not only have one but five other characters sets.

Let's check them out:

Donutella : Donut characters from Planet Sugar.

Donutella          Chocotella          Caramella

Donutino         Donutina         Biscottino

Cactus Friends: Cactus - a sign of Protection.
Cactus Rocker           Sandy          Truffle

Carina         Bruttino         Timidina

Moofia: Cows and Milks.

Mozzarella          Latte        Strawberry Milk

Punkstar: A band of neighborhood kids & their pets (I guess).

Charley          Rocco          Sid

Paco         Kona         Rolly

Til Death Do Us Part:

Adios            Ciao Ciao           Adieu

Skeletrino         Skeletrina

Unicorno: Bunch of Unicornos - live between the Magic Kingdom & Earth.

Fumo         Bellina         Pogo

Mooka         Prima Donna         Dolce

I just share few characters from each character set,
so you can click on the name to see the rest of the characters.
Now I want to share you some of the tokidoki clothing items that I like.
I like black color, so most of the items I share will be in a black/dark color.

T-shirt: Each cost $24.00
*The first shirt I really like it being colorful with black bg,
except the girl-print in the middle, I am no fan.
*Second shirt, simple with some pinky and blue-ish color. So cute.
*Third one also colorful, I think it is better in black color.

Tokidoki x LeSportsac Palette Backpack: $138.00

*Sooooo sooo cute! Kawaiiii ~ I wish I can have this,
it's just too expensive for me.

Next is Toys (Plushie): Cost ranging from $20.00 - $28.00

And for Hello Kitty fan,
Here are tokidoki x Hello Kitty Frenzies: $7.95 for one blind boxed

All the tokidoki images/pictures ©TOKIDOKI
Image in the title from glitter-graphics

I hope you enjoy reading and seeing all these tokidoki kawaii items.
You can visit their website here: TOKIDOKI
Thank you and have a wonderful weekend!


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