Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Special Quick Post  

Hello world!

Ahh ~ My birthday is coming - End of May.
I guess I already mentioned this before. Haha... Anyway, I'm super excited for it as my birthday cake will be of my own design. I designed the cake and booked the order at Springberry bakery last Saturday.

Okay this is not gonna be a long post,
just wanna share my cake design.

Behold ~

Pastel Goth Cake

*Design ©Ryu - using mspaint

Yes it's a bloody gothic cake!
My birthday will be different this year, well not exactly - just the cake.
I will share the outcome this Sunday. So, what do you say? OK or K.O?
Comment down below, & you might get a special gift from me ~

Thank you for stopping by and reading.
Your comment is much appreciated.


  1. Wow it's so cool to design your own cake! And I love this gothic look >w<

    my blog:

    1. Haha yes.. ^ω^ I designed my birthday cake before, but this will be the first time I will be having a gothic theme cake ^o^