Sunday, 19 April 2015

Rainbow Crepes  

Hello everyone!

What do you have for breakfast on this wonderful Sunday?
I made Rainbow Crepes or should I say multi-color,
since there are only 4 colors variation that I have.
My crepe recipe version is simple using just two (2)
ingredients, well three (3) to be exact including water.

*Slightly thicker than usual crepes
The ingredients: All Purpose Flour, 3 Cups|
Sugar, 3 - 4 Tbsp | Water, until just enough.
How to: Put AP Flour, sugar and water in a mixing bowl.
Whisk & mix everything until you get the right consistency.
Pour the batter into small bowl, just as how many colors you want.

To cook, use any non-stick frying pan you have, pre-heat
over medium and brush pan with oil using a paper towel.
Cook crepe for about 1 minute or so until golden,
flip over and cook for a minute until golden.
That's it! Serve into a plate with a whipped cream on top, or any topping you prefer. Add on fruit such as strawberry, banana and you are done! How easy is that? Quick breakfast for Sunday!

Om nom nom ~ Yummy!

Jaa.. that's all for today, hope you have a lovey dovey Sunday!
And show me some love will you ~


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