Thursday, 24 March 2016

Snacks Taste Test ~  

So hot ....

Oh hey everyone! How's your day? and Weather? Here is always HOT.
BTW, today is Tasty Thursday, so I am going to show you some snacks again.

*Some of Malaysian snack I haven't try/ eat yet, so I try my best to eat them all.
Because.... why not?
So here we go ~

Cheese Flavoured Rings

*Miow Miow - Malaysia*

Taste sweet and creamy but not so cheesy. *I don't mean cheesy cheesy LOL
Crispy and it melts so easily when you eat. *I mean this literally ~

Cheexy Savoury (New)

*Miow Miow - Malaysia*

Okay right, another cheese flavor?
What's the different with the first snack? Well this one is salty. Color and shape is different,
I mean this one rings more thicker. Also more crunchy.

Corny - Corn Flavoured Rings

*Miow Miow - Malaysia*

Smells almost like real corn. But the ingredient yes corn.
Taste sweet plus salty. Also crispy.

Boomer - Tape Bubble Gum

*Wrigley - China*

I have bought this Cola Lime flavor. Smell and taste of cola is a bit different from the drink cola
*maybe the fact that it's combined flavor with lime. *obviously pff* And just very little sour,
I think none at all, not sure ~

Oh look! It's a stationery tape!

Pretz - Sweet Corn

*Glico - Thailand*

I save this for last, so excited! The smell is strong and almost similar to Corn flavored rings.
Compare to corn rings this taste like you eating real corn. Flavor so strong, and salty buttery.

We have come to an end, thank you for stopping by!

Would you want to try these snacks/candies?


  1. How cool is that stationary thing, lol. Love it. Wishing you a happy Easter weekend, girl.

  2. loving posts like this one lol! these all look yummy and quite different from what we have here xx

  3. So great dear kiss

  4. The packaging on these snacks are the best things ever haha ♥

  5. Yummy! As always I'd love to taste everything I see)) Thanks for sharing Ryu!
    Enjoy the weekend dear!

  6. This was such a fun post, especially for someone who loves snacks such as myself. :) These seem interesting, I like the sound of Miow Miow! :) <3


  7. Personally I also like snacks like these chips, ok, I know that they aren't healthy in 100%, but they are delicious anyway ;P What about that gum in tape, I used to eat similar gum to this one, when I was old :)

    Happy Easter dear Ryu,

  8. Oooh these all look so quirky and delicious!! I'd love to give all of them a try, I love trying new sweets and snacks :D it has gone very cold and overcast here, please send some of your sunshine! I hope you are having a lovely weekend! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara

  9. I'm hungry now haha All look yummy, I wanna try too >w< <3 Especially boomer *^*
    Have a nice day ! :3

  10. Awww you look so cute in the gif! Now I'm curious about the boomer haha! And I really really want to try the Pretz, of course! They look yummy :3
    I enjoyed reading your review! I'm trying to gain courage to make a video reviewing some japanese candies, but I'm too shy! xD

  11. I kinda like the gum that looks like a tape. LOL