Saturday, 6 June 2015

LINEのスタンプ | LINE Stickers:
Aoi n Momo

I have shared one of my bunny drawing in the previous entry,
and today I will show you how they look in digital.

Jaa minasan, I introduced to you Aoi n Momo!

青い | ブルー : Aoi means blue (as in color)
桃色 | ピンク : Momo is short to pink (color)

So they are blue and pink bunny.

If you think they are cute _
Please visit and adopt them in LINE store.

*If you are currently on LINE in your mobile device_
Click below instead*

Your support is much appreciated!
Thank you!

Feel free to share them on social media, facebook etc.
You are not allow to re-distribute these arts/ commercial purposes)


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